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Corporate Uniforms: How to Choose the Perfect Apparel for Your Business

13 August 2015 Team Marque Haus Leave a comment Latest News


The wise adage, “You never get a second chance to make a first impression,” plays a critical role in every business. From corporate empires to coffee shops, many business owners are choosing to implement a corporate uniform to present a flawless first impression. Helping your staff exude a professional appearance corporate uniforms can not only boost the morale of your employees, but also solidify your branding strategy in the eyes of your customers.

Not only does your branding strategy and corporate appearance benefit from uniforms, but your employees enjoy several advantages. Corporate uniforms help bond individuals with their team. Every person working at a coffee shop, business centre, or supermarket wants to feel like they belong to a strong and successful team. Corporate uniforms make employees feel valued, needed, and motivated to be more productive.

In addition, stylish corporate uniforms save your employees both time and money by allowing them to fully focus on their job responsibilities.

What to Consider When Choosing Your Corporate Apparel:

  • Practicality: It is of great importance that your corporate uniforms are functional as well as fashionable. You want to ensure that your employees can move around comfortably, and that the uniforms will maintain a sharp appearance.
  • Aesthetic Appearance: Choosing stylish corporate uniforms not only make the apparel enjoyable for your employees to wear, but it also exudes sophistication for your company. Think about your branding strategy, and how it would be best to portray that appearance. Do you want to portray chic luxury, or casual relaxation? Before implementing corporate uniforms, consider taking a survey of what your employees would like. By incorporating your staff into the process, you foster further employee ownership of the idea among your employees.
  • Colour: If your company already has specific colours associated with the branding strategy, you may want to purchase matching corporate uniforms. On the other hand, you can use colour to make a bold statement about your business. Corporate uniforms in loud colours make customers think modern thoughts, whereas less ostentatious corporate uniforms conjure up connotations of homeliness.
  • Logos: Every item in our corporate uniform range can be quickly and easily personalized. Whether you want to add a small, discreet logo to your corporate uniform, or emblazon your company motto, we can create the perfect design. We brand items using heat transfer and embroidery, and we will be happy to advise you on logo placement and corporate uniform design.

Your uniform is important as it’s an extension of your brand. By choosing wisely, you can create a team environment that also furthers your branding strategy.

Original article: Corporate Uniforms: How to Choose the Perfect Apparel for Your Coffee Shop

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