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Typography – How to Make It Work for You

26 October 2016 Team Marque Haus Comments Off on Typography – How to Make It Work for You Latest News

Besides colour, another major factor in an online presence design is Typography. Your interface says a lot about your company, and what you are expressing to your customers.


In this world, everything is expected to be online and available. Your online presence acts as your company’s first impression towards your customers. It will never work unless it makes visual sense to your audience, this is where typography comes in.


To catch your visitor’s eye, you need to consider two factors:

  • Font & Size – The feeling evoked from the font Calibri size 11 would be totally different from a Gothic font size 28. It comes down to how you want to present and market yourself and your company. Your style and theme needs to be consistent across your branding channels, from your logo to your website and uniform branding.
  • Space lining –  Too much free space is useless and bland, but too little space can look cluttered. Having an informative and detailed, yet open layout is key to creating an online presence that is pleasing to the eye.


Typography has an impact to cementing your image. You can never change the fact that this represents you and your brand image. Trends are fluid and constantly changing. So once you design, don’t be hesitant to redesign when you feel you need a change.


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